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Interexpat Pte. Ltd. launches ExpatAngels.org, an interactive and educational website to help women take control of their expat lives anywhere around the world.


ExpatAngels.org is an interactive information resource and community assisting and bringing together expat women to walk through key relocation and expatriate decisions step-by-step. The new website helps women gain control of most aspects of their expat lives including personal finance, protection and everyday life overseas.


Singapore, January 27, 2011 – Today, InterExpat Pte Ltd launches www.ExpatAngels.org, the newest website in a series of sites tasked with bringing information and resources to expats anywhere in the world. The new site is dedicated to assisting women from all walks of life in finding and understanding everything they need to ensure a successful life abroad.


The free to use site offers women a complete range of step by step guides and articles that will be complemented by comprehensive online “Bootcamp” programs to cover important aspects of financial life for expat women. Tips and action items will be provided by daily emails to inspire users in taking control of their financial life by understanding the financial basics, products and situations that are particular to expatriates.


“We have identified from our experience with ExpatFinder.com that women are an important part of the relocation decision process for the couple or the family. In addition, we have noticed that more and more women are moving overseas by themselves so it was not a hard decision for us to start a supportive website to help them.” said Sébastien Deschamps, co-founder, Interexpat.


Articles and guides are made available covering a wide range of topics, from personal finance and relocation to diet and nutrition, all centered around women’s needs. These guides offer practical advices and checklists allowing women to educate themselves and become organized.


Along with providing interactive and educational content, ExpatAngels.org also strives to offer expat women a community where they can share real life experiences from the best expat women blogs regarding every aspect of the life overseas.


“Companies we have worked with for years on our flagship ExpatFinder.com have expressed their great interest in connecting with women and working with us on helping women understand better their choices when it comes to expat decisions. Relocation companies, banks and insurance companies are all aware of the key role of women and often have expat women as top decision makers! By reaching out to expat women we are working to benefit the expat community at large and show how seriously we take the concerns and needs of this key group,” concludes Sébastien Deschamps.


Media Contact

Michelle Glasmann

Interexpat Pte Ltd


What is ExpatAngels.org?

ExpatAngels.org is your ultimate expat woman and expatriate family guide and magazine. Complete with blog listings, services, articles, advice and more, ExpatAngels.org is a onestop shop and complete resource for any woman living abroad.

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Who is behind ExpatAngels.org ?

French and French-American co-founders Francois and Sebastien Deschamps are currently working on innovative solutions for the expatriate populations around the world. Along with ExpatAngels, ExpatFinder.com is the first website launched by their co-founded Singapore based company: Interexpat Pte Ltd. They are currently working on other projects to drive innovation in the relocation industry.

Singapore Office:

Interexpat Pte. Ltd
10 Anson Road
05-17 International Plaza
Singapore 079903
tel: 00 65 6479 6469

Paris Office:

14 rue d'Uzès, 75002 Paris

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