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On The Road to Wellbeing Abroad

As a woman in a new country you are bound to have your own set of challenges. You will be ready to take on the world only when you are at ease within. Wellbeing includes physical and mental fitness. Here is a few tips on taking care of yourself:
On The Road to Wellbeing Abroad
As an expat, you are bound to face many challenges and one of the secrets in taking on the world, especially when in an unfamiliar ground, is to have security within. Wellbeing is a vital factor that you must consider, and it includes key aspects such as physical and mental fitness.

Many factors can push an expat to their breaking point, but one of the most common reasons is culture shock which causes physical and mental toll because of the sudden change in the environment. There is also the extreme stress caused by the competition at work, and as exhilarating as it is to move abroad, you must put your well-being above anything else to ensure that all your hard work will not go down the drain. Here, we will give some tips on how you can look after yourself while you are busy conquering the world.

Invest in Your Own Well-Being

Many overlook the importance of investing in their health and well-being, and this misconception can put not just yourself but also your finances at risk. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your family is to take out an international health insurance since in there are high chances that you won’t have immediate access to adequate local health care in your new host destination. Having proper medical or health coverage is the first step towards your journey to proper well-being because it doesn’t just provide emergency benefits but also covers consultations to doctors that can help you maintain a healthy condition.

Eat Smart

Keep in mind that keeping a balanced diet is one of the secrets in achieving your full mental and physical potential. It is important that an expat like you who spends a rigorous amount of time under pressure at work should avoid unhealthy foods and start eating smart. Some foods particularly those that contain too much fat, sugar, carbohydrates and cholesterol can put you and your family at risk to chronic diseases. So never skip a meal no matter how busy or hectic your schedule is and take the time to dine with friends, family and colleagues. It will not just boost your health but will also build fruitful relationships.

Exercise Regularly

Years of studies have proven that a regular physical gives the body more energy by boosting endurance and improving muscle strength. It also helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissues thus causing the cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. People who take the time to exercise on a regular basis have more energy to fulfil their daily activities. Exercising also promotes better and deeper sleep which is very important for one’s mental health since a lack of proper sleep often causes irritation, mood swings and in worst cases, leads to high blood pressure or heart disease.


Homesickness caused by being far from your comfort zone and loved ones are one of the hardest things to battle for many expats. Single and young foreign assignees can socialise by going out either for a drink at the local nightlife spot or even a simple coffee with a new friend at the best café in town. Kids who relocated with their parents also feels lots of sadness since they are far from their buddies, so it’s best to encourage them to join clubs or engage in orientation activities at school.

Reserve Some “Me” Time

Never lose yourself in the process of achieving your life goals and dreams. No matter how busy you are or how many friends you have made, it is still very important that you reserve time for yourself. According to Dr Abigail Brenner M.D., alone time allows you to let your ‘social guard’ down and gives you the freedom to think of yourself or what’s best for you without worrying about the opinion of others. There are many ways to spend time with yourself so spend a few quiet moments every day in your personal sanctuary meditating, reflecting, painting, sipping a hot cup of coffee or simply doing nothing.

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